BeaverFit, MADabolic push boundaries with custom training solution

“Partnering with BeaverFit just may be the most significant thing we’ve done since inception,” said Brandon Cullen, co-founder and chief concept officer of MADabolic. 

The BeaverFit and MADabolic partnership drove the recent creation of the BeaverFit Bay Unit, a custom training solution that will create more functional training space, provide a higher end aesthetic, save square footage and, by extension, hundreds of thousands of dollars in future real estate costs.

Solving an operational capacity issue

MADabolic’s strength-driven interval training franchise approached BeaverFit looking to increase operational capacity – facing the problem of rising commercial real estate costs, they wanted to buy back square footage while maintaining the structure of their workouts and the equipment needed.  

“BeaverFit solved that for us,” Cullen said. “I’m blown away with the custom solutions that these guys provided us. They are legitimate problem solvers.”

“The unique thing we bring to our partners is the ability and flexibility to bring their brand to life,” said CJ Kostranchuk, director of sales, BeaverFit. This is evident in the striking teal color of the BeaverFit x MADabolic units, which brings the MADabolic brand aesthetic to life in any space. 

Kostranchuk said MADabolic had “great visions they wanted to push the boundaries of the franchise world with” but nothing existed that met their needs. So, after specific discussions around what MADabolic needed in terms of space, design and functionality, BeaverFit created it. 

The Functional Bay Unit combines multiple functional training modalities and storage in a single training station, maximizing storage and exercise capability in a minimum footprint. 

One of the greatest advantages is the savings, Cullen explained. “To date, we’ve seen our footprint shrink by anywhere from 300 to 600 square feet. If you do some basic math. . . you’re looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars at the end of a 10-year lease. Now that I look at it this way, I don’t know why we didn’t do it earlier.”

Additionally, the modular design of the bay units allows MADabolic to grow with the equipment. As they bring new elements into their programming, they’ll be able to add attachments to the Bay Units due to the way they were built.

Team First approach

BeaverFit USA Co-Founder Michael Taylor said from the beginning, both teams were all in. 

“As partners, we got ‘naked’,” he said. “MADabolic shared their exact requirements of what we needed to do so that we could truly solve the problem together as partners instead of with a wall between us.”

Part of that included inviting MADabolic out to the BeaverFit USA headquarters in Reno, Nevada.

“To see the sheer mass of that operation – it blew me away,” Cullen said. But as cool as all the laser cutting, painting and welding operations were, what really impressed him was the team. 

“BeaverFit is the absolute best team I have worked with in the fitness industry,” he said. 

Kostranchuk explained that teamwork is a core value at BeaverFit, both internally and with partners. The BeaverFit leadership team embraces a Team First approach, valuing people as their first and foremost priority. 

“One of the things we are always looking for is a partner who is able to push the boundaries – with their franchise, with their training, just in general – same thing that we do internally with bringing new products to life and to the market,” Kostranchuk said. 

The first MADabolic location to receive the BeaverFit Bay Units is in Austin, Texas, with dozens more scheduled to be installed later in 2023.

“What’s great about this is we invested a lot of time and energy in the beginning of this design process to get it right – and now we’ll produce it at scale to support the growing franchise,” Taylor said.

The Bay Unit joins the new BeaverFit Functional Training line, solutions designed specifically to fit any training space indoors or outdoors while providing multiple training modalities. With customizable branding, colors, storage and functionality, this line enables maximum storage and exercise capability.

MADabolic currently has 27 locations open, and another 79 in development, putting their total unit count at 106. With the operational capacity problem solved, there’s nothing standing in the way of their ongoing, explosive growth. 

“We like to work with great people, and in my whole professional career I don’t know if I’ve ever met a team like BeaverFit that is willing to provide custom solutions, that is willing to listen and to actually build out exactly what you need… even if it didn’t exist before you brought the idea to them,” Cullen said.

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