Dam Strong partnership: BeaverFit, Physmodo help individuals train smarter

BeaverFit has partnered with Physmodo to be the exclusive provider of the Physmodo movement assessment in the commercial fitness space.

The partnership enables BeaverFit to offer the computer vision assessment, called MVE, in order to better serve its gym, studio, corporate and hospitality markets.

“Physmodo’s purpose is to help people move better and stay healthy,” said Andrew Menter, CEO of Physmodo.

The patent protected software analyzes how people move, he explained.

“Movement is a vital sign, but unlike more easily measured metabolic markers, quantifying movement has been difficult to scale. Our 30-second automated screen achieves that scalability to help manage a critical component of healthcare.”

How it works

By capturing how a body is moving with computer vision, Physmodo creates unique movement profiles and personalized solutions to address dysfunction and optimize physical health. 

The MVE is a single assessment that delivers an objective, automated and easily repeatable movement screen in less than 30 seconds.

Based on the results of the assessment, Physmodo draws from a library of more than 300 prescriptive exercises to recommend specific solutions to improve movement deficiencies.

How it benefits our customers

As the industry leader in outdoor and performance fitness, BeaverFit continues to expand its offerings to include revolutionary technology that encourages individuals to train smarter.

“Physmodo offers a cutting-edge solution to the standard overhead squat assessment,” said Nick Vay, VP of Commercial Sales at BeaverFit. “Using this technology allows individuals to quantify movement, and therefore train smarter and ultimately better.” 

“Our goal at BeaverFit is to be the best possible partner to our customers, and we do this by continuing to partner and work with those who are moving the needle, which is why we’re so excited about MVE,” Vay said.

“We’re thrilled to partner with BeaverFit and add an important technology component to their already comprehensive platform,” Menter added.

About BeaverFit

The BeaverFit USA journey began in 2014 with the original container gym solution for military units. Within years, BeaverFit became the largest supplier of human performance equipment to the U.S. military. 

Word of this unique and customizable equipment made its way to the private sector, and today BeaverFit supplies innovative outdoor and indoor training solutions to school campuses, fitness clubs, multifamily housing areas, Fortune 500 companies and more. 

Whether looking to expand with a dedicated outdoor fitness space or transform a new site into a top-of-the line facility, BeaverFit human performance solutions allow businesses and brands to create the ideal training environment – now including cutting-edge technology to improve clients’ movement patterns and physical health. 

Check out the most popular solutions: https://beaverfitusa.com/commercial/

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