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BeaverFit, MADabolic push boundaries with custom training solution

BeaverFit, MADabolic push boundaries with custom training solution

“Partnering with BeaverFit just may be the most significant thing we’ve done since inception,” said Brandon Cullen, co-founder and chief concept officer of MADabolic.  The BeaverFit and MADabolic partnership drove the recent creation of the BeaverFit Bay Unit, a custom training solution that will create more functional training space, provide a higher end aesthetic, save […]

UCSD, Clemson expand campus rec offerings with BeaverFit

UCSD, Clemson expand campus rec offerings with BeaverFit

The University of California San Diego is the latest college campus to get Dam Strong with the addition of a BeaverFit Performance Locker to their outdoor fitness space. Just several months prior, Clemson University expanded their own campus recreation offerings with the purchase of a Beyond Trailer.  These two schools join dozens more who have […]

6 benefits of outdoor training

6 benefits of outdoor training

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve seen BeaverFit outdoor training solutions while doomscrolling social media.  Or maybe your military unit keeps pressing you to use the new container gym they purchased and installed outside the headquarters.  But why the movement toward outdoor training – is it really worth it?  Short answer: Yes. Keep reading […]

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When X decided to spend the summer traveling around the country, it only made sense to supply him with a HitchFit — the ultimate outdoor and portable workout system. Follow along with their journey.

Standing Up the Great American Fitness Supply Chain

When COVID wreaked havoc on the global fitness supply chain, we took action. Read about how we stood up an entirely American supply chain in less than three months.

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