BeaverFit mobile and outdoor solutions featured at IHRSA

BeaverFit recently attended IHRSA 2022 in Miami Beach and showcased two of our leading outdoor and mobile storage solutions: a custom Shred Shed with modular rig and Nomad Beyond Trailer, marking the first-time ever our leading mobile training solution was displayed at a commercial fitness tradeshow. “We’re really focused on bringing really awesome outdoor and mobile fitness solutions to life, and that’s what we’re here to showcase,” said Nick Vay, VP, commercial at BeaverFit USA in the below interview with IHRSA. “We’ve been doing outdoor fitness for a while…and being a solution for our partners who are looking to develop long-term sustainable solutions for their outdoor spaces versus some of the band aid solutions forced upon them, it’s been really exciting.” Missed our team at IHRSA? Make sure to visit #TeamBeaverFit at IDEA World booth 539, July 22 – 23 in Las Vegas to experience the Nomad Beyond Trailer. Dan CowanShare this… FacebookFacebook Save Twitter

Garage Gym Reviews builds the “Ultimate Outdoor Gym” with the BeaverFit Gym Box and HitchFit

Garage Gym Reviews Beaverfit

Coop from Garage Gym Reviews recently stepped outside of his garage to build the “Ultimate Outdoor Gym”, including the BeaverFit Gym Box and HitchFit in his review. Check out what Coop had to say about the versatility and storage capacity of the Gym Box for the ultimate all-in-one outdoor training center. And get Coop’s thoughts about the mobile HitchFit for training on the go. Dan CowanShare this… FacebookFacebook Save Twitter

BeaverFit chosen as exclusive manufacturer of Rumble bench and boxing rigs

RENO, Nev. – April, 12, 2022 – BeaverFit USA, a veteran owned and operated business, the leading manufacturer of outdoor fitness equipment, and the largest supplier of military human performance solutions in the world, has been contracted by Rumble, the popular boxing-inspired group workout concept owned by Xponential Fitness, to manufacture custom designed benches and boxing rigs for new Rumble franchise locations. The newly designed Rumble bench and boxing rigs, which are already in use at recently opened Rumble studios in Anchorage, Alaska and Henderson, Nev., were designed, prototyped, and manufactured in a matter of months following close collaboration between BeaverFit product design, engineering, and fabrication specialists working with Rumble leadership. “As we scale the Rumble brand to new locations it was critically important for us to have the right equipment,” said Shaun Grove, president, Rumble. “Not only did we want to capture the look and feel of the Rumble brand in this equipment, but we wanted to make sure that for our franchise partners making an investment that this equipment will last for years to come, and to ensure our members have the highest quality and safest equipment every time they step into a Rumble studio.” The new bench was created for the strength portion of Rumble’s 45-minute classes, providing a cushioned bench top, storage slots integrated into the middle for five pairs of dumbbells, and hooks on the end to hold Rumble’s weighted knuckles. A hollow opening also provides an area for participants to store their boxing gloves between Rumble rounds. Beaverfit worked with Rumble to create four different custom rigs in order to provide Rumble and its franchisees increased flexibility from a space and functionality perspective to make the leasing and facility design as streamlined as possible. “Designing the Rumble bench and boxing rigs was really a total team effort from start to finish,” said Justin Smith, COO, BeaverFit, North America. “Our design and engineering teams worked closely with the Rumble team to ensure the design met their functional requirements as well as brand aesthetic, while our in-house manufacturing and 100% domestic supply chain allowed us to quickly prototype, make updates, and ultimately begin producing hundreds of units for new Rumble locations. This opportunity is one of many we’re excited to support as we continue to see the aggressive growth in our commercial business from both a custom manufacturing and outdoor fitness perspective.” “This has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had around product procurement in terms of how smooth and how fast it went,” said Pete Rigs, EVP of construction and procurement, Xponential Fitness. “We went from discussing an idea over lunch, to having a napkin sketch, a computer rendering, and a finished product in less than three months. During a time when so many equipment manufacturers are struggling with their supply chain, the BeaverFit team and their domestic manufacturing capabilities really allowed us to deliver the equipment needed to help our newest franchisees open their locations on time.” To learn more about BeaverFit commercial equipment and custom manufacturing capabilities, visit For a list of current and upcoming Rumble locations, visit About BeaverFit BeaverFit is the leading global manufacturer of outdoor fitness equipment and training solutions. Creator of the world’s first fully functional containerized gym solution in 2012, BeaverFit is the leading supplier of human performance equipment to the U.S. military. Today, BeaverFit continues to innovate and expand mobile and outdoor fitness equipment and facilities for corporations, commercial gyms, campus recreation programs, and home consumers. For more information, visit About Rumble Founded in New York City in 2017, Rumble is a group fitness concept delivering a mix (or combination) of boxing-inspired circuits and the transformative power of resistance training. Pro and amateur fighters glove up together, no matter their fitness level or skill, to reveal their inner fighter. The experience is a 45-minute, 10-round, full-body cardio and strength workout crafted around specially designed water-filled, teardrop-style boxing bags. Rumble was founded by Noah Neiman (former Barry’s Bootcamp Master Trainer, and cast member of Bravo’s Work Out New York), Eugene Remm (Co-Founder of Catch Hospitality Group (Catch Restaurants, CATCH STEAK, Lexington Brass), Andy Stenzler (Co-Founder Cosí, Kidville), and Anthony DiMarco (13-time IRONMAN, former Managing Director, Google). For more information, visit Dan CowanShare this… FacebookFacebook Save Twitter

BeaverFit featured in Athletech News inaugural fitness industry report

In Athletech’s inaugural report, Athletech News digs into key trends and topics that are shaping the fitness industry. Through partnerships with leading fitness companies and their executive teams, the team has compiled relevant and timely information that will help inform your businesses for the months to come.   BeaverFit USA’s Nick Vay, VP, commercial, and Dan Cowan, head of marketing, spoke to Athletech News about outdoor fitness and how it’s becoming less of a trend and more of a need to have for fitness facilities as added amenities for members. From the article: Vay says that while the pandemic era demand was urgent, with the need for short-term solutions, an uptick in requests for well-planned, permanent outdoor workout spaces indicate that the opportunity is here to stay. “We created these quasi-temporary spaces and members, consumers, and individuals said, ‘We really like this. Can we take this away when things go back to normal?’ So, the gyms and a lot of our commercial customers have responded, ‘Well that’s important to you? Fantastic. Not a problem. We’ll turn the temporary spaces into legitimate, thought-out long-lasting spaces.’ [This] is where we’re getting a lot of our requests now.” Download Athletech’s 2022 Industry Report to read the full article as well as: What the future of hybrid fitness looks like for gyms and fitness studios Predictions from 10 fitness thought leaders about what lies ahead for the industry Exciting startups that are emerging within fitness, wellness and nutrition Trend forecasting: outdoor fitness, VR/gaming, and software disrupting fitness Celebrity engagement within the fitness industry Click here to download the report Dan CowanShare this… FacebookFacebook Save Twitter

Eleiko | BeaverFit Raise the Bar with a Dam Strong Partnership

March 22, 2022 – Halmstad, Sweden / Austin, Tex. and Shropshire, England / Reno, Nev. – Eleiko, the experts in precision crafted strength equipment, have partnered with BeaverFit, the leading global manufacturer of outdoor fitness and military human performance solutions, to bring enhanced outdoor training capabilities to new and existing customers. BeaverFit container gyms, sheds, and boxes are used to create outdoor training facilities, providing integrated training and storage to help users train both strength and endurance in tactical and gym based environments, a focus closely aligned with Eleiko initiatives. This global collaboration sees Eleiko become a distributor for BeaverFit outdoor training and storage solutions across the EU, UK and US as well as representing BeaverFit as exclusive distributors in the Nordic regions. In the UK and U.S. BeaverFit will be offering upgraded Eleiko equipment packages for new and existing clients, giving them the option to purchase BeaverFit containers fully equipped with Eleiko’s elite range of strength accessories and free weights. “Eleiko and BeaverFit are both leaders in their respective fields. Together, we will deliver fantastic outdoor training solutions to customers around the world,” says Erik Blomberg, CEO of Eleiko. “It feels incredible to be involved in creating a tailored offering bringing together two strong brand s and products that are made to be used by the best athletes in the world,” states Tom Beaver, co-founder of BeaverFit. Combining BeaverFit’s quality, design, and feature-rich outdoor solutions with Eleiko’s precision-crafted strength equipment, this collaboration allows for customers to utilise industry leading Eleiko equipment in an outdoor fitness environment, whilst having a safe, secure, and weatherproofed storage solution to protect from the elements when not in use. The product portfolio ranges from the classic container gym solutions to the purpose-built Shred Shed that provides complete and varied outdoor training in a space efficient, stylish package. “I am incredibly happy to bring a cutting-edge solution building on Eleiko and BeaverFit’s unique offerings to our Nordic customers,” explains Johan Arnerlind, Country Manager for Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. “BeaverFit are specialists in outdoor training and together we will present completely new solutions that raise the bar on performance to our customers.” Learn more about the range here About BeaverFit Creator of the world’s first fully-functional containerised gym, BeaverFit continues to be the leading global manufacturer of outdoor fitness equipment and training solutions. With a commitment to product excellence through cutting edge design and manufacturing processes, BeaverFit creates innovative fitness equipment that provides a wide range of human performance training functionalities with industry leading durability for use in any outdoor element. Today, BeaverFit is the leading supplier of container gym and outdoor fitness solutions to the US and UK militaries, and continues to innovate and expand both mobile and outdoor fitness facilities for corporations, commercial gyms, campus recreation programs, and individual users. BeaverFit operates out of their UK headquarters in Shropshire, England and their US headquarters in Reno, Nevada. For more information, visit About Eleiko Building on 60 years of expertise, Eleiko designs and manufactures precision crafted strength products for the world’s leading competitions, training facilities and home gyms. Eleiko leads the industry with durable, high performing products that focus on quality, safety and delivering the ultimate lifting experience. Eleiko quality is achieved through carefully sourced materials, precision engineering, and Swedish manufacturing. The Eleiko collection spans their world-famous barbells and plates, dumbbells, kettlebells, benches, and racks – all the essential free weight and training tools needed for developing human performance in environments where durability and product performance are imperative. Eleiko is headquartered in Halmstad, Sweden, with offices in the US and UK and Norway, Germany, France, and Spain. For more information, visit Dan CowanShare this… FacebookFacebook Save Twitter

HealthFitness and BeaverFit Take Fitness Outdoors with First Open-Air Fitness Solution

HealthFitness and BeaverFit collaboration

LAKE FOREST, Ill. and RENO, Nev.– January 25, 2022 – HealthFitness, a Trustmark company, and a leading provider of comprehensive fitness solutions; and BeaverFit, a leading manufacturer of outdoor and open-air fitness solutions, are collaborating on the first open-air fitness solution for organizational leaders looking to take fitness outdoors. In this open-air fitness solution, BeaverFit will design and build standalone, state-of-the-art, open-air fitness facilities for corporations, and HealthFitness and its team of talented professionals will deliver diverse and engaging programming, account management and marketing promotion. “As we come out of the pandemic, creating ways to engage more people in more ways in fitness and wellbeing—and helping them feel they belong and are cared for—has never been more critical,” said HealthFitness President Sean McManamy. “HealthFitness is nationally recognized for our skilled, passionate wellness and fitness professionals. We are excited to bring additional value to our customers by integrating the strength of our people with the open-air fitness facilities from BeaverFit to provide a complete open-air fitness solution for our customers.” “This collaboration with BeaverFit further expands our ability to drive participation and keep people engaged over the long term,” said Trustmark CEO Kevin Slawin. “From virtual to traditional on-site fitness centers to now open-air facilities, we can provide even more options to keep wellness programming fresh, challenging and rewarding for participants.” For more than 45 years, HealthFitness has been dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of more than 1 million participants, connecting with and supporting them on their personal health journey, while building a community of health. With a 99 percent client satisfaction rating and an average client tenure of 14 years, HealthFitness and its nationwide team of more than 2,700 professionals believe in the power of health and fitness and in creating opportunities for others to believe as well. BeaverFit is the leading manufacturer of outdoor fitness equipment and state-of-the-art open-air fitness facilities, with more than 5,000 outdoor gyms created around the world. This 100 percent veteran owned company is also the leading supplier of human performance equipment to the U.S. military, while continuing to innovate and expand mobile and outdoor training facilities for corporations, commercial gyms, campus recreation programs, and home consumers. “We’re excited to help organizations get more of their people moving outdoors,” said Alex Roodhouse, co-founder, BeaverFit, North America. “Creating products and environments that allow people to train outside has been the cornerstone of our company since day one. This collaboration allows BeaverFit to pair our innovative open-air solutions with the leading and proven engagement and fitness programs from HealthFitness, creating a truly unique experience for organizations looking to evolve their employee fitness offerings. We’ve seen tremendous growth in the commercial fitness space in the last year as gyms and facilities look to create dedicated outdoor fitness spaces to meet their members’ interests in training outside, and we’re excited to work with HealthFitness to bring this innovative solution to organizations looking to create unique fitness experiences for their team members.” “Now more than ever, organizational leaders are seeing how critical the health of their people is to the health of their organization,” said McManamy. “The goal of open-air fitness solutions is to offer an engaging program that gets people moving, contributes to their health, and helps keep participants safe and productive. If switching to, or adding, an open-air fitness solution helps organizational leaders accomplish these goals, it’s a win-win solution for all.” About HealthFitness HealthFitness, a Trustmark company, builds and manages comprehensive fitness solutions for leading companies and organizations. With a holistic approach that extends beyond fitness, HealthFitness is a proven leader in engaging and connecting people both on-site and online, to create a strong community of health. Parent organization Trustmark, through its subsidiaries and operating divisions, provides a full spectrum of employee benefits to protect and improve individuals’ health and overall wellbeing. For more information on HealthFitness, visit To learn about Trustmark, visit About BeaverFit BeaverFit is the leading global manufacturer of outdoor fitness equipment and training solutions. Creator of the world’s first fully functional containerized gym solution in 2012, BeaverFit is the leading supplier of human performance equipment to the U.S. military. Today, BeaverFit continues to innovate and expand mobile and outdoor fitness equipment and facilities for corporations, commercial gyms, campus recreation programs, and home consumers. For more information, visit beaverfitdevbeaverfitusa.comShare this… FacebookFacebook Save Twitter

Hammer Strength and BeaverFit Team Up for Unique Collaboration in Outdoor Performance Training

ROSEMONT, Ill. and RENO, Nev., June 22, 2020 — Hammer Strength, a leader in performance strength training, and BeaverFit, the world leader in outdoor, portable and customized training solutions, announced today a collaboration to launch a unique, outdoor training and performance solution. The Hammer Strength Outdoor Box features a rugged performance training rig built around a convenient storage space that is large enough to accommodate various strength training equipment and accessories for outdoor training. As fitness facilities focus their efforts on reopening safely, Hammer Strength and BeaverFit hope to ease the transition back to working out at the gym with greater access to industry-leading outdoor workout equipment. Outdoor workouts have become increasingly popular during the COVID-19 pandemic, and many facilities are seeking multi-use, outdoor solutions to continue to offer functional group training options to exercisers. “Our collaboration with Hammer Strength is uniquely exciting, as it opens the door for commercial fitness facilities to benefit from the same durable, outdoor training solutions that the U.S. and NATO militaries have relied on for years,” said Alex Roodhouse, BeaverFit’s co-founder. “BeaverFit outdoor equipment has been tried, tested and proven in the most hostile climates around the world by the most demanding users, but has never been widely available to the general public. That changes today.” The Hammer Strength Outdoor Box is an all-in-one training center, custom-fabricated to anchor a training rig and store the equipment necessary for a full workout. It is designed specifically for outdoor use and utilizes galvanized steel tubing. The Outdoor Box has a variety of available features, including: up to eight barbell holders, flat bench storage, four adjustable shelves, three locations for mounting rigs, lockable storage, and custom branding options. The Hammer Strength accessory package will include bars, bumper plates, wall balls, kettlebells, battle ropes, bands, jump ropes and more. “We are proud to partner with BeaverFit to develop an outdoor functional training solution to serve the needs of our customers, especially as the demand for outdoor workouts continues to grow,” said Dan Wille, Global Vice President of Marketing and Product Development, Life Fitness. “The Hammer Strength Outdoor Box offers health clubs and athletic recreation facilities alike a multi-training center for outdoor workouts to improve performance and specific skills training. Our goal is to continue to support fitness facilities and exercisers with equipment that allows them to train like elite athletes – whether that be outdoors or inside.” Hammer Strength has been building athletes for more than 30 years. Not just elite athletes, but those determined to train like one. The Hammer Strength Outdoor Box, in partnership with BeaverFit, will continue Hammer Strength’s mission of inspiring athletes and providing increased access to a wide range of functional and strength training workouts. For more information on the Hammer Strength Outdoor Box, click here. INSERT PRODUCT PHOTOS About Life FitnessLife Fitness is the global leader in commercial fitness equipment and game tables and furnishings. The company manufactures and sells its strength and cardiovascular equipment, billiards tables and accessories, and game room furniture under the brand names Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, Cybex, Indoor Cycling Group, SCIFIT and Brunswick Billiards. Its equipment is distributed to 166 countries. Life Fitness is headquartered outside Chicago, in Rosemont, Illinois. For more information about Life Fitness products and services, visit About BeaverFitBeaverFit was established in the United Kingdom in 2010 as the offshoot of a family bridge-building business – Beaver Bridges – and began with a simple functional fitness rig, custom-built for British SAS paratroopers. Gradually, BeaverFit exploded globally, quickly growing to be the worldwide leader in human performance solutions for American, British and allied military forces. Today, BeaverFit manufactures thousands of container gyms per year for military forces and designs and builds SOE solutions for special operations teams and supplies Fortune 100 corporations and major fitness clubs with unique indoor and outdoor training solutions. beaverfitdevbeaverfitusa.comShare this… FacebookFacebook Save Twitter

Tactical Talk with Dr. Dan Bornstein – Jason Clark, BeaverFit

Jason Clark, Marine veteran and former Tactical Strength & Conditioning coach for the Marine HITT (High Intensity Tactical Training) program, joins Dr. Dan Bornstein, Founding Director of the Center for Performance, Readiness, Resiliency, and Recovery at The Citadel for an episode of Tactical Talk. They dive deep into the emerging field of strength and conditioning for tactical athletes. Dan CowanShare this… FacebookFacebook Save Twitter