Solving a need for space, CIMT invests in BeaverFit solutions for Army units

BeaverFit SunPro with Performance Locker and Cardio Locker

As the Holistic Health and Fitness initiative, or H2F, rolls out across the Army, units must overcome the hurdle of finding dedicated space to carry out their programs.  BeaverFit and the U.S. Army’s Center for Initial Military Training have begun to solve that challenge together with a solution delivered to more than a dozen units this year. Nicknamed the CIMT SunPro, the solution consists of three components: BeaverFit Performance Locker A shipping container with anchored training rigs and secure storage BeaverFit Cardio Locker A container including off-grid cardio equipment and roll-up doors BeaverFit SunPro A tension fabric structure that creates a training space protected from the elements, with the option to add rubberized flooring and lifting platforms While the Army plans to resource more than 100 brigades with Soldier Performance Readiness Centers by 2030, in the meantime, the readiness of Soldiers and the success of unit-level H2F programs depend on quick solutions. Select units at Forts Bliss, Huachuca, Liberty, Jackson, Johnson, Drum, Campbell and Joint Base Lewis-McChord are the first to receive the new BeaverFit SunPros designed to create space for H2F activities.  “It’s great to see that as units are being resourced for H2F, CIMT is ensuring this includes proper equipment and the space to utilize it,” said Jason Clark, training and education lead, BeaverFit. “Our goal is to develop environments alongside them in which those resources can be used effectively.”  The desired environment called for an all-weather strength and conditioning asset that could accommodate personnel up to the company level. Most of the resourced units had used standalone BeaverFit Lockers to train, which offer suitable platoon-level strength training capabilities but lack weather protection and integrated conditioning assets. The specific SunPro and Locker configuration designed for CIMT provides all-weather coverage, strength and conditioning components, and – the biggest win, according to Clark – can be placed anywhere because it’s not Real Property. Instead of Soldiers needing to trek across the installation to a separate facility for a training session, the SunPro can be placed at the unit level, removing logistical barriers to training. “The SunPro creates an environment in the outdoor space that limits as many factors that could negatively influence a training session as possible,” he stated. And as the SunPros are delivered, CIMT is also funding training and education courses for select locations to empower small unit leaders to be force multipliers within the environment.  “Space does not automatically equal an environment,” Clark explained. “The environment is human driven. Training and education sets an environment of organizational success versus chaos. Kudos to CIMT for leaning forward into providing space and training resources instead of waiting for it to be figured out at the unit level, and also, good on the coaches for continuing to do the most with what they have and scaling their mindset as the program grows.”  As the Army’s mindset around physical training evolves, BeaverFit’s support evolves in step. “We don’t do this from a standpoint of ‘we know best;’ it’s a collaborative effort to receive feedback from the higher-level command, the experts on site, and the Soldiers on the ground,” Clark said.   “It’s our goal to be the Army’s trusted partner. As they continue to require new capabilities, or as they encounter new barriers, we’ll work alongside them to create solutions that enable them to win.” In addition to delivering these SunPros and the accompanying training and education courses to CIMT, BeaverFit remains in the running for the Army’s SPRC contract. Whether supplying Lockers, ACFT equipment, SunPros, SPRCs or other tactical training solutions, one thing is constant: BeaverFit continues to support and develop the Soldier Weapon System with innovative, purpose-built, requirements-based capabilities.   Get in touch. BeaverFit is a defense contractor and the largest supplier of fitness equipment to the U.S. Armed Forces. We create custom expeditionary fitness and readiness equipment for every mission essential task: from portable container gyms to special operations subterranean trainers. Explore solutions Erinn BurgessShare this… FacebookFacebook Save Twitter

BeaverFit, MADabolic push boundaries with custom training solution

The custom MADabolic Bay Unit with storage for training accessories.

“Partnering with BeaverFit just may be the most significant thing we’ve done since inception,” said Brandon Cullen, co-founder and chief concept officer of MADabolic.  The BeaverFit and MADabolic partnership drove the recent creation of the BeaverFit Bay Unit, a custom training solution that will create more functional training space, provide a higher end aesthetic, save square footage and, by extension, hundreds of thousands of dollars in future real estate costs. Solving an operational capacity issue MADabolic’s strength-driven interval training franchise approached BeaverFit looking to increase operational capacity – facing the problem of rising commercial real estate costs, they wanted to buy back square footage while maintaining the structure of their workouts and the equipment needed.   “BeaverFit solved that for us,” Cullen said. “I’m blown away with the custom solutions that these guys provided us. They are legitimate problem solvers.” “The unique thing we bring to our partners is the ability and flexibility to bring their brand to life,” said CJ Kostranchuk, director of sales, BeaverFit. This is evident in the striking teal color of the BeaverFit x MADabolic units, which brings the MADabolic brand aesthetic to life in any space.  Kostranchuk said MADabolic had “great visions they wanted to push the boundaries of the franchise world with” but nothing existed that met their needs. So, after specific discussions around what MADabolic needed in terms of space, design and functionality, BeaverFit created it.  The Functional Bay Unit combines multiple functional training modalities and storage in a single training station, maximizing storage and exercise capability in a minimum footprint.  One of the greatest advantages is the savings, Cullen explained. “To date, we’ve seen our footprint shrink by anywhere from 300 to 600 square feet. If you do some basic math. . . you’re looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars at the end of a 10-year lease. Now that I look at it this way, I don’t know why we didn’t do it earlier.” Additionally, the modular design of the bay units allows MADabolic to grow with the equipment. As they bring new elements into their programming, they’ll be able to add attachments to the Bay Units due to the way they were built. Team First approach BeaverFit USA Co-Founder Michael Taylor said from the beginning, both teams were all in.  “As partners, we got ‘naked’,” he said. “MADabolic shared their exact requirements of what we needed to do so that we could truly solve the problem together as partners instead of with a wall between us.” Part of that included inviting MADabolic out to the BeaverFit USA headquarters in Reno, Nevada. “To see the sheer mass of that operation – it blew me away,” Cullen said. But as cool as all the laser cutting, painting and welding operations were, what really impressed him was the team.  “BeaverFit is the absolute best team I have worked with in the fitness industry,” he said.  Kostranchuk explained that teamwork is a core value at BeaverFit, both internally and with partners. The BeaverFit leadership team embraces a Team First approach, valuing people as their first and foremost priority.  “One of the things we are always looking for is a partner who is able to push the boundaries – with their franchise, with their training, just in general – same thing that we do internally with bringing new products to life and to the market,” Kostranchuk said.  The first MADabolic location to receive the BeaverFit Bay Units is in Austin, Texas, with dozens more scheduled to be installed later in 2023. “What’s great about this is we invested a lot of time and energy in the beginning of this design process to get it right – and now we’ll produce it at scale to support the growing franchise,” Taylor said. The Bay Unit joins the new BeaverFit Functional Training line, solutions designed specifically to fit any training space indoors or outdoors while providing multiple training modalities. With customizable branding, colors, storage and functionality, this line enables maximum storage and exercise capability. MADabolic currently has 27 locations open, and another 79 in development, putting their total unit count at 106. With the operational capacity problem solved, there’s nothing standing in the way of their ongoing, explosive growth.  “We like to work with great people, and in my whole professional career I don’t know if I’ve ever met a team like BeaverFit that is willing to provide custom solutions, that is willing to listen and to actually build out exactly what you need… even if it didn’t exist before you brought the idea to them,” Cullen said. Erinn BurgessShare this… FacebookFacebook Save Twitter

UCSD, Clemson expand campus rec offerings with BeaverFit

The University of California San Diego is the latest college campus to get Dam Strong with the addition of a BeaverFit Performance Locker to their outdoor fitness space. Just several months prior, Clemson University expanded their own campus recreation offerings with the purchase of a Beyond Trailer.  These two schools join dozens more who have upgraded their programming with innovative outdoor and mobile solutions by BeaverFit. “We continue to see colleges, universities and even high schools lead the way with outdoor fitness, as they seem to really grasp the value it provides to their students, faculty and community,” said Nick Vay, VP of commercial sales at BeaverFit.  “Not only does it solve a common problem – growing student populations but limited and often aging recreation space – but it brings students together and forms connections, having an impact on their health and wellbeing.” Clemson University Beyond Trailer Benefits of campus recreation According to a report compiled by NIRSA: Leaders in Collegiate Recreation, student participation in campus recreation activities is linked to: + Higher grade point averages than nonparticipants + Favoring a healthy lifestyle after college  + Greater benefits to overall wellness including physical/psychosocial health and learning outcomes Additionally, campus recreation programming has a positive impact on student retention. University of San Diego: Performance Locker UCSD found BeaverFit through Advanced Exercise, commercial fitness facility provider and trusted distributor for BeaverFit, while searching for a weatherproof integrated storage solution and rustproof squat racks able to withstand the outdoor elements, especially for a campus that is just miles from the ocean.  “What we found in the Performance Locker checked all the boxes,” said Alexia Cervantes, associate director of recreation, fitness and wellness at UCSD. “The ability to customize the color and add our logo was another big factor in choosing BeaverFit.” UCSD Performance Locker The solution for UCSD includes a 20’ Performance Locker with custom rigging on three sides providing the ability for both standard strength training and functional training. The Locker features a roll-up door for easy and secure access to equipment stored inside. The custom rigging creates dedicated spaces for squats, bench press, pull-ups, dips and more.  “The Performance Locker meets our storage and training needs and looks amazing. People are drawn to it. Our usage at the Triton Fit Park has increased since installing it,” Cervantes said.  “If you are considering developing or refurbishing an outdoor fitness space, I recommend you consider BeaverFit. They have many customizable solutions and a great team of dedicated professionals.” Alexia Cervantes Associate Director, Recreation, Fitness and Wellness, UCSD Previous Next Clemson University: Beyond Trailer Clemson University opted for a mobile solution, the Beyond Trailer, to meet students wherever they are on campus.  The Beyond Trailer “gave us an outlet to provide fun fitness programming across our community, complementing our efforts to engage students in diverse ways,” said Kelly Bardusk, director of external relations for Clemson University Campus Recreation.  “We can go to them and provide them an opportunity to learn and connect,” added Tabitha Cooper, wellbeing coordinator. “Our focus is to increase and improve the wellbeing on our campus. Here, we pair the outdoors with physical activity.”  Previous Next The Beyond Trailer 12’ trains 30+ individuals at once with fold-out strength racks, adjustable pull-up bars and roll-up doors for easy equipment access. Superior weatherproofing including hot-dip galvanized racks and powder coating means the Beyond Trailer may be used outdoors in any element.  “The quality of the product, the support and resources that are included with the purchase, and the overall excitement around being active and outdoors is amazing.” Tabitha Cooper Wellbeing Coordinator, Clemson University Campus Recreation “Whether it’s one of our Performance Lockers, Shred Sheds or Beyond Trailers, we really value and love the work we get to do with campus rec programs,” Vay said. “It’s ultimately about getting more people healthy, moving and outdoors, and by working with schools to expand and bring their fitness offerings outside, or on the road, we can help them bring these visions to life.” Looking to expand your offerings into the outdoors? Check out our most popular outdoor solutions. Erinn BurgessShare this… FacebookFacebook Save Twitter

Dam Strong partnership: BeaverFit, Physmodo help individuals train smarter

BeaverFit has partnered with Physmodo to be the exclusive provider of the Physmodo movement assessment in the commercial fitness space. The partnership enables BeaverFit to offer the computer vision assessment, called MVE, in order to better serve its gym, studio, corporate and hospitality markets. “Physmodo’s purpose is to help people move better and stay healthy,” said Andrew Menter, CEO of Physmodo. The patent protected software analyzes how people move, he explained. “Movement is a vital sign, but unlike more easily measured metabolic markers, quantifying movement has been difficult to scale. Our 30-second automated screen achieves that scalability to help manage a critical component of healthcare.” How it works By capturing how a body is moving with computer vision, Physmodo creates unique movement profiles and personalized solutions to address dysfunction and optimize physical health.  The MVE is a single assessment that delivers an objective, automated and easily repeatable movement screen in less than 30 seconds. Based on the results of the assessment, Physmodo draws from a library of more than 300 prescriptive exercises to recommend specific solutions to improve movement deficiencies. Previous Next How it benefits our customers As the industry leader in outdoor and performance fitness, BeaverFit continues to expand its offerings to include revolutionary technology that encourages individuals to train smarter. “Physmodo offers a cutting-edge solution to the standard overhead squat assessment,” said Nick Vay, VP of Commercial Sales at BeaverFit. “Using this technology allows individuals to quantify movement, and therefore train smarter and ultimately better.”  “Our goal at BeaverFit is to be the best possible partner to our customers, and we do this by continuing to partner and work with those who are moving the needle, which is why we’re so excited about MVE,” Vay said. “We’re thrilled to partner with BeaverFit and add an important technology component to their already comprehensive platform,” Menter added. About BeaverFit The BeaverFit USA journey began in 2014 with the original container gym solution for military units. Within years, BeaverFit became the largest supplier of human performance equipment to the U.S. military.  Word of this unique and customizable equipment made its way to the private sector, and today BeaverFit supplies innovative outdoor and indoor training solutions to school campuses, fitness clubs, multifamily housing areas, Fortune 500 companies and more.  Whether looking to expand with a dedicated outdoor fitness space or transform a new site into a top-of-the line facility, BeaverFit human performance solutions allow businesses and brands to create the ideal training environment – now including cutting-edge technology to improve clients’ movement patterns and physical health.  Check out the most popular solutions: Erinn BurgessShare this… FacebookFacebook Save Twitter

BeaverFit ignites a ‘SPRC’ with first Soldier Performance Readiness Center

A brand new Soldier Performance Readiness Center built by BeaverFit opened March 24 at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. The SPRC is the first of its kind for the U.S. Army Center for Initial Military Training. Around the same time, a shipment of more than 100 BeaverFit container gyms made their way across the country to various training schools and units, purchased by the U.S. Army CIMT. Previous Next “One of the Army’s main focus areas is H2F – or Holistic Health and Fitness,” said Bryan Studebaker, senior vice president of government programs at BeaverFit. “To that end, they are heavily investing in equipment and infrastructure that support this objective.” The cultural shift to H2F aims to improve Soldier and unit readiness by addressing five domains of readiness: physical, mental, spiritual, nutrition and sleep.  To operationalize these domains, BeaverFit was recently awarded a Phase I Small Business Innovation Research contract to supply a variety of equipment and infrastructure in direct support of H2F.  To date, BeaverFit has provided the Army solutions ranging from manufacturing more than 23,000 lanes of Army Combat Fitness Test equipment; supplying 2,000 expeditionary container gyms; converting indoor and outdoor spaces to provide designated areas for physical training, classroom education, rehabilitation and cognitive performance; and now – the CIMT’s first Soldier Performance Readiness Center.  U.S. Army photos by 165th Infantry Brigade The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement. A cultural shift The SPRC “represents a seismic shift” towards how the Army approaches how troops are trained, evaluated and sustained, said Brig. Gen. Jason E. Kelly, Fort Jackson’s commander. “It is an investment in individual Soldier preparedness.” The SPRC also helps overcome resource challenges Army units might face when developing an effective program to support the individual Soldier, because it acts as the centerpoint in which all activities are enabled. In simpler words, the SPRC provides the environment for the H2F ecosystem to thrive. Studebaker, a United States Air Force veteran himself, said BeaverFit is proud to stand behind this mission. “As a veteran owned and operated company, we see the opportunity to serve the military as a continuation of our duty to country,” he said. “We’re going to continue prioritizing solutions that support the growing needs and requirements of our military.” U.S. Army photos by Fort Jackson Public Affairs The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement. Designing the Soldier Performance Readiness Center The SPRC project at Fort Jackson converted an unused facility into training space with two 50-foot dual-sided modular rigs with integrated storage, a robust equipment package with an emphasis on team-based conditioning, rubber flooring for strength and conditioning, performance turf, a rope climb tower, sleds, yokes, weighted stretchers, BeaverFit squad logs and full complement of various low-impact cardio machines. Sam Hovig, BeaverFit government territory sales manager and United States Marine Corps veteran, said the SPRC introduces new recruits to H2F early in their careers and enables critical skill development they will carry throughout their time in the Army. “The Army has implemented H2F within FORSCOM at the operational units, and with this new training capability, recruits will have the positive impact of H2F early on and will build upon that as they get to their permanent duty stations,” he said. “What made this project unique was being very cognizant of the population that will be using it,” he explained. “The typical recruit likely does not have significant time under a barbell or proper coaching on foundational movement mechanics. This heavily influenced each portion of the facility design – from the modular rig to where recruits would be entering and exiting the facility – to ensure this space met the stated throughput needs, allowed for visibility from coaches at all times, and did not sacrifice any required training capabilities.” Previous Next Expanded options for H2F The container gyms for CIMT were purchased to outfit units with an expanded outdoor training solution beyond the available indoor space at their installation. The gym-in-a-boxes, as the Army knows them, may be placed directly beside unit headquarters or barracks, enabling easier access to training, camaraderie and esprit de corps. Army senior leaders have said the cost that goes along with H2F is “well worth the investment,” said Maj. Gen. John D. Kline, CIMT commander. “I will tell you that if we save a life (or) we save two lives, one would argue this is absolutely worth every penny.” Previous Next BeaverFit is the leading supplier of fitness equipment to the U.S. Armed Forces, from the original container gym solution to full-scale human performance and tactical training facilities. As an official provider of ACFT equipment, BeaverFit has supplied more than 23,000 lanes of equipment and developed innovative ACFT solutions to include the ACFT Storage Locker, the ACFT Storage Trailer and ACFT Shelters. All equipment is American-made at the BeaverFit headquarters in Reno, Nevada, and designed with superior weatherproofing for outdoor performance. Erinn BurgessShare this… FacebookFacebook Save Twitter

Garage Gym Reviews builds the “Ultimate Outdoor Gym” with the BeaverFit Gym Box and HitchFit

Garage Gym Reviews Beaverfit

Coop from Garage Gym Reviews recently stepped outside of his garage to build the “Ultimate Outdoor Gym”, including the BeaverFit Gym Box and HitchFit in his review. Check out what Coop had to say about the versatility and storage capacity of the Gym Box for the ultimate all-in-one outdoor training center. And get Coop’s thoughts about the mobile HitchFit for training on the go. Dan CowanShare this… FacebookFacebook Save Twitter

BeaverFit chosen as exclusive manufacturer of Rumble bench and boxing rigs

RENO, Nev. – April, 12, 2022 – BeaverFit USA, a veteran owned and operated business, the leading manufacturer of outdoor fitness equipment, and the largest supplier of military human performance solutions in the world, has been contracted by Rumble, the popular boxing-inspired group workout concept owned by Xponential Fitness, to manufacture custom designed benches and boxing rigs for new Rumble franchise locations. The newly designed Rumble bench and boxing rigs, which are already in use at recently opened Rumble studios in Anchorage, Alaska and Henderson, Nev., were designed, prototyped, and manufactured in a matter of months following close collaboration between BeaverFit product design, engineering, and fabrication specialists working with Rumble leadership. “As we scale the Rumble brand to new locations it was critically important for us to have the right equipment,” said Shaun Grove, president, Rumble. “Not only did we want to capture the look and feel of the Rumble brand in this equipment, but we wanted to make sure that for our franchise partners making an investment that this equipment will last for years to come, and to ensure our members have the highest quality and safest equipment every time they step into a Rumble studio.” The new bench was created for the strength portion of Rumble’s 45-minute classes, providing a cushioned bench top, storage slots integrated into the middle for five pairs of dumbbells, and hooks on the end to hold Rumble’s weighted knuckles. A hollow opening also provides an area for participants to store their boxing gloves between Rumble rounds. Beaverfit worked with Rumble to create four different custom rigs in order to provide Rumble and its franchisees increased flexibility from a space and functionality perspective to make the leasing and facility design as streamlined as possible. “Designing the Rumble bench and boxing rigs was really a total team effort from start to finish,” said Justin Smith, COO, BeaverFit, North America. “Our design and engineering teams worked closely with the Rumble team to ensure the design met their functional requirements as well as brand aesthetic, while our in-house manufacturing and 100% domestic supply chain allowed us to quickly prototype, make updates, and ultimately begin producing hundreds of units for new Rumble locations. This opportunity is one of many we’re excited to support as we continue to see the aggressive growth in our commercial business from both a custom manufacturing and outdoor fitness perspective.” “This has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had around product procurement in terms of how smooth and how fast it went,” said Pete Rigs, EVP of construction and procurement, Xponential Fitness. “We went from discussing an idea over lunch, to having a napkin sketch, a computer rendering, and a finished product in less than three months. During a time when so many equipment manufacturers are struggling with their supply chain, the BeaverFit team and their domestic manufacturing capabilities really allowed us to deliver the equipment needed to help our newest franchisees open their locations on time.” To learn more about BeaverFit commercial equipment and custom manufacturing capabilities, visit For a list of current and upcoming Rumble locations, visit About BeaverFit BeaverFit is the leading global manufacturer of outdoor fitness equipment and training solutions. Creator of the world’s first fully functional containerized gym solution in 2012, BeaverFit is the leading supplier of human performance equipment to the U.S. military. Today, BeaverFit continues to innovate and expand mobile and outdoor fitness equipment and facilities for corporations, commercial gyms, campus recreation programs, and home consumers. For more information, visit About Rumble Founded in New York City in 2017, Rumble is a group fitness concept delivering a mix (or combination) of boxing-inspired circuits and the transformative power of resistance training. Pro and amateur fighters glove up together, no matter their fitness level or skill, to reveal their inner fighter. The experience is a 45-minute, 10-round, full-body cardio and strength workout crafted around specially designed water-filled, teardrop-style boxing bags. Rumble was founded by Noah Neiman (former Barry’s Bootcamp Master Trainer, and cast member of Bravo’s Work Out New York), Eugene Remm (Co-Founder of Catch Hospitality Group (Catch Restaurants, CATCH STEAK, Lexington Brass), Andy Stenzler (Co-Founder Cosí, Kidville), and Anthony DiMarco (13-time IRONMAN, former Managing Director, Google). For more information, visit Dan CowanShare this… FacebookFacebook Save Twitter

BeaverFit featured in Athletech News inaugural fitness industry report

In Athletech’s inaugural report, Athletech News digs into key trends and topics that are shaping the fitness industry. Through partnerships with leading fitness companies and their executive teams, the team has compiled relevant and timely information that will help inform your businesses for the months to come.   BeaverFit USA’s Nick Vay, VP, commercial, and Dan Cowan, head of marketing, spoke to Athletech News about outdoor fitness and how it’s becoming less of a trend and more of a need to have for fitness facilities as added amenities for members. From the article: Vay says that while the pandemic era demand was urgent, with the need for short-term solutions, an uptick in requests for well-planned, permanent outdoor workout spaces indicate that the opportunity is here to stay. “We created these quasi-temporary spaces and members, consumers, and individuals said, ‘We really like this. Can we take this away when things go back to normal?’ So, the gyms and a lot of our commercial customers have responded, ‘Well that’s important to you? Fantastic. Not a problem. We’ll turn the temporary spaces into legitimate, thought-out long-lasting spaces.’ [This] is where we’re getting a lot of our requests now.” Download Athletech’s 2022 Industry Report to read the full article as well as: What the future of hybrid fitness looks like for gyms and fitness studios Predictions from 10 fitness thought leaders about what lies ahead for the industry Exciting startups that are emerging within fitness, wellness and nutrition Trend forecasting: outdoor fitness, VR/gaming, and software disrupting fitness Celebrity engagement within the fitness industry Click here to download the report Dan CowanShare this… FacebookFacebook Save Twitter

Eleiko | BeaverFit Raise the Bar with a Dam Strong Partnership

March 22, 2022 – Halmstad, Sweden / Austin, Tex. and Shropshire, England / Reno, Nev. – Eleiko, the experts in precision crafted strength equipment, have partnered with BeaverFit, the leading global manufacturer of outdoor fitness and military human performance solutions, to bring enhanced outdoor training capabilities to new and existing customers. BeaverFit container gyms, sheds, and boxes are used to create outdoor training facilities, providing integrated training and storage to help users train both strength and endurance in tactical and gym based environments, a focus closely aligned with Eleiko initiatives. This global collaboration sees Eleiko become a distributor for BeaverFit outdoor training and storage solutions across the EU, UK and US as well as representing BeaverFit as exclusive distributors in the Nordic regions. In the UK and U.S. BeaverFit will be offering upgraded Eleiko equipment packages for new and existing clients, giving them the option to purchase BeaverFit containers fully equipped with Eleiko’s elite range of strength accessories and free weights. “Eleiko and BeaverFit are both leaders in their respective fields. Together, we will deliver fantastic outdoor training solutions to customers around the world,” says Erik Blomberg, CEO of Eleiko. “It feels incredible to be involved in creating a tailored offering bringing together two strong brand s and products that are made to be used by the best athletes in the world,” states Tom Beaver, co-founder of BeaverFit. Combining BeaverFit’s quality, design, and feature-rich outdoor solutions with Eleiko’s precision-crafted strength equipment, this collaboration allows for customers to utilise industry leading Eleiko equipment in an outdoor fitness environment, whilst having a safe, secure, and weatherproofed storage solution to protect from the elements when not in use. The product portfolio ranges from the classic container gym solutions to the purpose-built Shred Shed that provides complete and varied outdoor training in a space efficient, stylish package. “I am incredibly happy to bring a cutting-edge solution building on Eleiko and BeaverFit’s unique offerings to our Nordic customers,” explains Johan Arnerlind, Country Manager for Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. “BeaverFit are specialists in outdoor training and together we will present completely new solutions that raise the bar on performance to our customers.” Learn more about the range here About BeaverFit Creator of the world’s first fully-functional containerised gym, BeaverFit continues to be the leading global manufacturer of outdoor fitness equipment and training solutions. With a commitment to product excellence through cutting edge design and manufacturing processes, BeaverFit creates innovative fitness equipment that provides a wide range of human performance training functionalities with industry leading durability for use in any outdoor element. Today, BeaverFit is the leading supplier of container gym and outdoor fitness solutions to the US and UK militaries, and continues to innovate and expand both mobile and outdoor fitness facilities for corporations, commercial gyms, campus recreation programs, and individual users. BeaverFit operates out of their UK headquarters in Shropshire, England and their US headquarters in Reno, Nevada. For more information, visit About Eleiko Building on 60 years of expertise, Eleiko designs and manufactures precision crafted strength products for the world’s leading competitions, training facilities and home gyms. Eleiko leads the industry with durable, high performing products that focus on quality, safety and delivering the ultimate lifting experience. Eleiko quality is achieved through carefully sourced materials, precision engineering, and Swedish manufacturing. The Eleiko collection spans their world-famous barbells and plates, dumbbells, kettlebells, benches, and racks – all the essential free weight and training tools needed for developing human performance in environments where durability and product performance are imperative. Eleiko is headquartered in Halmstad, Sweden, with offices in the US and UK and Norway, Germany, France, and Spain. For more information, visit Dan CowanShare this… FacebookFacebook Save Twitter