Club Northwest to build largest known open-air, covered outdoor fitness space in partnership with BeaverFit

The outdoor fitness space is the largest known of its kind for a commercial fitness facility, and will include over 2500sqft of covered training space

Coming soon to Club Northwest in Grants Pass, OR: Over 2500sqft of open-air, covered outdoor training space, believed to be the largest space of its kind for a commercial fitness facility in America. Featuring a 70’x36’ BeaverFit SUNPRO™, custom Shred Shed with 30ft modular rig, 12ft bouldering wall, and over 1000sqft of turf for movement exercises, the new outdoor space is slated for opening at the end of 2022.

“For 25 years, Club Northwest has broken the mold,” said Jeff Keller, President, Club Northwest. “Who would ever think that a community of 38,000 would be a top 100 club in the country. Now, we break new ground again with the largest commercial application to date with BeaverFit. Our members have expressed their desire for an outdoors workout facility and our partnership with BeaverFit once again breaks the mold. For us, BeaverFit was the only choice. Their DNA is very similar to ours in terms of quality and valuing partnerships, and we’re excited for this project to come to life.” 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Club Northwest was like many fitness facilities in trying to find solutions to continue to provide classes and training opportunities. The result was a makeshift outdoor space that became known as “The Yard”, which became so popular with members that Club Northwest began exploring ways to create a permanent outdoor fitness space.

“Through multiple closures and a variety of ever changing operational restrictions, the one constant in continuing to serve our members with a great experience was through our makeshift outdoor solutions,” said Jesse Sallas, Director of People & Programming at Club Northwest. “With our beautiful backyard nestled in the scenery of the Rogue Valley, it made for a perfect setting for our members to continue their wellbeing journey. So we went to work creating the best outdoor covered solution we could with what we had. It became a very popular solution in supporting our members, group fitness, and personal training programs. Given the impact it made on our members, the community as a whole, as well as our team, it became obvious very quickly that this temporary solution needed to become permanent.” 

Club Northwest’s research led them to BeaverFit and the new SUNPRO™ shelter solution that was being installed at military locations. Coupled with outdoor-specific equipment and storage solutions like the Shred Shed, it quickly caught the attention of Club Northwest as a potential permanent solution for an outdoor fitness space.

“After looking at other companies and their outdoor solutions, we soon realized the industry was behind in being able to provide what we really wanted,” said Sallas. “BeaverFit proved itself to be the perfect partner given their experience in providing the U.S. military durable equipment that can withstand the outdoor elements along with great shelter solutions. Their experience in this field, along with their great team who has proven to have a passion about serving others, made it a great fit for us to partner with them in this one-of-a-kind in the industry project.” 

The next few months saw conversations between Sallas and Brett Grossman, Director of Western US Commercial Sales at BeaverFit, working together and with BeaverFit engineers to create multiple options and renderings to support the space, training goals, and environmental considerations of being located in the Pacific NW.

“As soon as Club Northwest approached us about their ideas, we knew it was a concept we wanted to help them bring to life,” said Grossman. “Leaning on our experience in creating outdoor training facilities for the military in the toughest environments, we knew we’d be able to create a solution that fit their needs and bring something truly unique to Club Northwest, helping them to continue their legacy of being a trendsetter in the commercial fitness space. There will truly be no other space like this in North America.”

The new space is slated to open before the end of 2022 and you can follow progress of the space being built on the BeaverFit and Club Northwest Instagram pages.

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