We design differently

Designed and built in America with our Dam Strong™ Guarantee. Crafted with the highest quality materials sourced and manufactured in America, our products are designed to withstand the toughest environments to support however you train, wherever you train.

From our patented Performance Lockers, Shred Shed, and Beyond Trailer, to building modular rigs and racks that go beyond spec with industry leading 3×3 7 gauge steel tubing and superior weatherproofing, everything we manufacture is designed and built specific to the needs of our customers and the environments they train in.

At BeaverFit, it’s our mission to empower you to perform any task — from simple, to essential, to extraordinary. Because everyone has a mission that matters. 

Beyond industry 'standards'

As our BeaverFit standard, we use ultra-thick 3×3 7 gauge steel to build our training rigs and racks for greater stability and durability, instead of 2×2 11 gauge steel more commonly used across the fitness industry. This thicker steel creates greater stability and durability and allows multiple personnel and athletes to work out simultaneously without concern that the training rig will bend or flex. Because when you’re getting after it, the last thing you want to worry about is your equipment failing when you’re hitting a new PR or climbing a 12′ rope climb.


To prevent corrosion, all of our steel legs go through a hot-dip galvanization process, coating the steel tubing by submerging it in molten zinc. This process protects the interior and exterior of the steel tubing, preventing rust and corrosion from forming on both the outside and the inside of the leg. As an extra level of protection, we finish our weatherproofing process with an in-house, military-grade powder coat to further protect your equipment from the elements. So whether on a Navy ship, Miami Beach, or wherever you train, know that your investment is built to last in every element.

Made in the Usa

As a veteran owned and operated company, we firmly believe in supporting our nation’s domestic supply chain and manufacturing industry. Not because it’s the most economical choice, but because it’s the best solution for the highest grade materials and craftsmanship to support our customers. And as the leading supplier of human performance equipment to the U.S. military, we feel it’s important that the tax dollars used to keep our Armed Forces strong stay in America, supporting American companies and families. That’s why we proudly manufacture all of our products at our headquarters in Reno, Nevada, with our team of engineers, fabricators, welders, machinists, and more, many of whom are veterans themselves.

Bold equipment, bold branding

Your equipment is built to serve your needs and goals but it should also be built to reflect your unique unit, mission, brand, and personality. That’s why all of our custom built rigging is available in 20 different standard colors without any additional cost. And if our standard colors don’t speak to your brand, we offer custom colors, logos, and nameplates to enable you to display your brand exactly as you want it.

we create what you need, not what's easiest for us

Everyone’s space, environment, and training needs are different, and that’s why our solutions aren’t one size fits all. Our team of product managers, design engineers, and fabricators work with you to combine our modular products to create equipment solutions that meet your specific space, needs, and training requirements. So while others will tell you they “don’t do custom”, we look forward to the challenge.

dam strong guarantee

From our Limited Lifetime Warranty to our white glove installation services, our team provides support from the moment you place your order, through delivery, installation, and after to ensure that our products and equipment are living up to our Dam Strong Guarantee. And when something isn’t right, we make it right. Because doing the right thing means doing the right thing. Period.