BeaverFit offers opportunities for veterans through DoD SkillBridge program

BeaverFit USA proudly welcomes transitioning service members into the civilian workforce as a trusted DoD SkillBridge partner.

Through the DoD SkillBridge program, service members may use their last 120 to 180 days of military service to train and learn with an industry partner such as BeaverFit. 

“Our company is comprised of a large percentage of service members from all branches. BeaverFit’s culture is rooted in the values we derived from our service to our country and now we intend to continue our commitment to serve through the DoD SkillBridge."

A veteran himself, Carey said the SkillBridge program “not only allows us to fulfill this portion of our mission, it offers access to the immense talent pool of separating or retiring service members.”

BeaverFit is a veteran-owned and operated company headquartered in Reno, Nevada, and is the largest provider of fitness equipment to the U.S. military. Here, candidates will gain exposure to the performance industry while broadening their understanding across multiple functional areas.

“BeaverFit will provide an internship that helps veterans navigate critical points of their transition process while developing valuable skill sets that position them for future employment opportunities in our industry or others,” Carey explained.  

Internship details

During the internship at BeaverFit, service members will rotate through blocks of hands-on instruction with sales, marketing, product, project management and operations. They will then have the opportunity to spend additional time in other areas of the company including finance or fulfillment. Personnel who have identified an area of focus are also able to align the entirety of their internship with a specific functional area of their choice. 

Service members will be paired with experienced personnel who will provide mentorship, feedback and observation of assigned tasks. Upon completion of the internship, senior management will conduct an overall performance review to provide executive-level feedback and mentorship for future growth and development. 

The total length of instruction is 24 weeks for the 180-day internship, and may also be condensed into 16 weeks based on the member’s transition timeline. 

Familiar territory

According to the DoD, approximately 200,000 members of the U.S. military leave active duty each year and re-enter the civilian workforce or pursue higher education. BeaverFit is a familiar place to land with more than half of its team being veterans, and with many service members having utilized BeaverFit equipment during their own service. 

“Interested members will find that at BeaverFit, you are leaving one team room for another. Everyone here shows up each day committed to our mission because they understand the importance of what we do for the customers we serve,” Carey said.

Those interested in learning more about BeaverFit may read our story at https://beaverfitusa.com/our-story or reach out to info@beaverfitusa.com

Each branch of service has different application requirements and processes. Service members should consult with their local Transition Office or Education Office for more information about DoD SkillBridge.

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