How BeaverFit is helping the Army operationalize H2F

The Holistic Health and Fitness initiative created a paradigm shift in Soldier readiness with its introduction in 2020. 

Once the H2F operating concept was released, Army units around the world had to overcome the obstacle of creating training spaces that met commander’s intent without obvious solutions.  

According to the Army, the ultimate vision of H2F is to provide each brigade with an H2F campus to include a Soldier Performance Readiness Center, ACFT testing lanes and track, a terrain running course, sheltered strength training racks, and containerized strength equipment.

Enter BeaverFit, with space and time saving solutions for all of the above. 

“We’re the defense contractor for the Soldier Weapon System,” said Michael Taylor, BeaverFit USA co-founder and veteran. “We’re here to surround that weapon system with the equipment and facilities needed to optimize them for resiliency and lethality under any mission essential task. That’s our clear vision.”

“We’re not a commercial fitness company with solutions that have been designed for someone else that we’re trying to push to the military,” added Alex Roodhouse, BeaverFit USA co-founder and veteran. “We’re listening to the military’s requirements and designing solutions based on what is actually needed in the field.”

Let’s take a look:

Soldier Performance Readiness Center

Army Need:

A dedicated facility for units to facilitate and foster their H2F programs. 

BeaverFit Solution: 

As seen at Fort Jackson with the recently opened Drill Sergeant Timothy Kay SPRC, BeaverFit has the capability to convert unused indoor spaces into world-class human performance facilities for individual or group training and recovery sessions, along with specialized office areas for physical therapy, nutrition counseling and other H2F programs.

And while converting underutilized indoor space is one way Army brigades are creating their SPRC facilities, BeaverFit also offers the capability to create new, standalone, fully-enclosed structures to fulfill Soldier readiness needs.

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Terrain running course

Army Need: 

Courses that are designed to assess, develop and refine strength, endurance and responsiveness through a series of obstacles and varied terrain.

BeaverFit Solution:

BeaverFit offers custom created elements and course designs to improve mission-specific cardiovascular conditioning while actively engaging the mind and body of Soldiers, as seen at the Devil’s Field Obstacle Course on Fort Liberty.

The appearance of DoD imagery does not imply or constitute federal endorsement.

ACFT testing lanes

Army Need: 

A consistent environment to perform the Army Combat Fitness Test at any time of year. 

BeaverFit Solution:

The ACFT testing field by BeaverFit creates a consistent and standardized testing environment, utilizing performance-grade turf to reduce the risk of training injuries.

To enable year round ACFT activities, BeaverFit also provides a shelter around the field to offer protection from the elements. BeaverFit ACFT Storage Lockers are the final piece to the turnkey ACFT testing environment. 

An open-air SunPro covers the 12-lane ACFT field for U.S. Army South at Joint Base San Antonio from unrelenting sun, whereas a fully-enclosed structure with heating protects Soldiers using the 5-lane ACFT field at Fort Devens from brutal Massachusetts winters.

The appearance of DoD imagery does not imply or constitute federal endorsement.

Sheltered strength training racks

Army Need: 

Sheltered strength training racks to create a year round outdoor training area and while maintaining longevity of outdoor equipment. 

BeaverFit Solution: 

The tension fabric BeaverFit SunPro creates an environment up to 15° F cooler than in direct sunlight and can be fully engineered to meet local wind, snow and seismic loads. The SunPro is mounted to BeaverFit Performance Lockers or to the ground, allowing battalions to build the ideal human performance training facility that meets their space and requirements.

Containerized strength equipment

Last but certainly not least, our flagship product. 

Army Need:

Self-contained fitness units that allow training to be conducted anywhere the containers are placed.

BeaverFit Solution:

Known by the Army as the ‘gym-in-a-box,’ or simply as ‘The BeaverFit’, BeaverFit Performance Lockers are standard shipping containers custom-fabricated to include anchored training rigs and secure storage. Filled with outdoor-rated training accessories, they create a multi-modality training center that accommodates up to 90 people at once. 

Additionally, BeaverFit offers the ACFT Storage Locker, specifically designed to hold the exact amount of ACFT equipment required per lane, and the mobile ACFT Storage Trailer.

The appearance of DoD imagery does not imply or constitute federal endorsement.

As the Army recently approved accelerating the fielding of H2F equipment and staff to 15 brigades per year, creating these solutions is a paramount priority for Army leaders. 

From standalone and mobile training solutions to indoor space conversions and facility builds from the ground-up, BeaverFit is creating new and innovative ways to help Soldiers train for whatever they need to prepare for, wherever they need to train. 

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