Gym Box™

Lockers + Boxes

Gym Box™

Maximize training in small spaces.

The BeaverFit Gym Box™ provides an all-in-one training and storage solution with a small footprint. Everything fits within the box, providing security and safety from the elements.




Gym Box Features

  • Accommodates 8-10 athletes using the attached training rigs and optional BeaverFit accessories package
  • Available with single or dual squat racks
  • Adjustable height pull-up bar
  • Reinforced and lockable steel storage box that doubles as a plyometric box
  • Bolt on D-ring for easy suspension training or band attachment point 
  • Dip bar and steel J-cups included
  • Lower forklift pockets for portability that serve as a foot holder for sit ups
  • Side handles that serve as battling rope anchors 
  • All rigging, legs, attachments and optional accessories fully pack and store securely into box for transportation

We worry about all the details so you don’t have to. At BeaverFit we believe in quality from start to finish. From raw material selection, to our welds and finishes, and our final QC inspection before any product heads out the door, our team is focused on creating the best in American made quality. We design, engineer, fabricate, manufacture and powder coat all our products at our HQ in Reno, NV giving us complete quality control. Learn more about how we Design Differently.

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