SPENGA chooses BeaverFit as new provider of innovative strength solution

BeaverFit has partnered with SPENGA to be the new provider of the ‘strength pod’, an equipment storage and racking system used by the rapidly growing fitness franchise.  

Also known as the BeaverFit Single Post, this functional training solution maximizes exercise and storage capabilities in a compact design. 

“By partnering with BeaverFit, SPENGA is now able to enhance the member experience by adding functionality and equipment without needing any additional spatial requirements,” said Roger McGreal, co-founder of SPENGA.

SPENGA, whose workouts combine spin, strength and yoga, was challenged with finding a new solution for their strength pod after the former manufacturer stopped producing the version used widely across the franchise’s studios. 

“While interviewing different companies, no one was offering a truly unique product that fit all of our needs. All of that changed when we were introduced to BeaverFit,” McGreal said.

McGreal reached out to a former connection in the fitness industry, Nick Vay – VP of commercial sales at BeaverFit – to see what the team could do. 

“They had a challenge that required a custom solution,” said Vay. “Other vendors were trying to sell them what they already made off the shelf because they don’t really have the capacity to do what we do – which is, in a pretty quick amount of time, come up with basically a brand new product and produce it at scale.”

After back-and-forth conversations about SPENGA’s requirements, the BeaverFit team invited McGreal and others to the BeaverFit headquarters in Reno, Nevada, to show them a prototype. From there, the teams worked together to finetune the product through several iterations to be exactly what SPENGA needed. 

“BeaverFit carefully listened to all of our needs and designed a completely custom solution for SPENGA,” McGreal said. “The team was extremely professional, timely and offered great insight that led to the creation of a one-of-a-kind product that far exceeded our expectations.”

Custom branding and design

With SPENGA being a franchise model, branding and customization are top priority, McGreal noted.

While working from the original strength pod concept, one of the first things BeaverFit did was incorporate custom colors and branding to bring the SPENGA brand aesthetic to life. BeaverFit also added a battle rope ring, a center anchor point for bands and ancillary work, an angled footplate for improved suspension training, and side hooks to pull accessories out of the way when not in use. 

“These things sound simple, but they create better functionality and storage which makes a big difference in a small space,” Vay said.

“Many times, facilities are stuck using a product that does not fulfill all of their needs and this negatively impacts the user experience,” McGreal added. “Being able to design a product custom to a facility’s needs offers competitive advantage.”

The first BeaverFit Single Post units for SPENGA were installed at studios in Naples and Fort Myers, Florida, in August 2023. BeaverFit will continue to produce the units at scale to support the growing franchise and offer the solution to other brands needing similar functionality.

The Single Post joins the new BeaverFit Functional Training line, solutions designed specifically to fit any training space while providing multiple training modalities. With customizable branding, colors, storage and functionality, this line enables maximum storage and exercise capability.

“BeaverFit is extremely innovative in their approach, which allows facilities to deliver a superior and truly unique experience,” McGreal said.

Looking to enhance the offerings of your brand, studio or franchise? Start building your vision, and let BeaverFit build the rest. 

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