Color Options Powder Coat and Container Colors

Stand out in the crowd with colors to match your unit, brand or personality. BeaverFit in-house powder coating enables complete quality control for our MIL-SPEC application. We go above and beyond the standard powder coat application to ensure maximize adherence of the powder to steel. Better adherence means less chipping and more protection against the elements. We start with a sandblast to remove any dirt or residue and then send it through a chemical wash. Once the steel is completely clean it gets painted and baked to perfection for a lasting finish.

The shipping containers utilized for the BeaverFit Performance Lockers and container gyms can also be customized with logos and colors. The containers are pre-treated and then painted with an oil based paint from Sherwin Williams.

The standard 20 BeaverFit powder coat colors are listed below. Additional powder colors, custom color matches and custom container colors are available, but will increase cost and lead times.

For more information on creating your custom BeaverFit solution with your preferred colors and logos, please contact our team.