4 ways to upgrade your BeaverFit container gym

Text reads "Level up your Locker" over a background of a BeaverFit Performance Locker.

You’ve got a BeaverFit Performance Locker; now you want to know how you can upgrade this container gym to its fullest potential.  Consider what would enhance the user experience for yourself and others who use the Locker. Would more equipment allow more people to train at once? Are you in an environment where you miss out on outdoor training days due to rain or high temperatures? Do you want to add new training modalities?  Depending on your needs, space and budget, here are a few ways to level up your Locker and upgrade your training experience: 1. Replace and replenish equipment Did some of your kettlebells grow legs and walk away? Did your buddies get too Dam Strong and now you need more bumper plates? We’ve got you covered. Replacing and replenishing your outdoor-rated Grey Man Gear equipment is only a call or email away. 2. Expand training capabilities with add-ons BeaverFit has partnered with innovative companies to create new training stations for your Locker.  This includes:  + Lifting platforms from American Platforms + Cable training system from Ancore  + Infinity rope from Marpo + Weighted pulley system from Surplus Strength + Strength/resistance bands from Stroops  + And more Contact us for a full list of available add-ons and see how they’d increase strength and functional training opportunities in your setup. 3. Add another Locker Do you need more training stations for additional personnel? Are you looking to incorporate different elements, like cardio equipment or recovery tools? Consider adding another Locker, with four purpose-built configurations to choose from: + Performance Locker: Our flagship product with external rigs running one or both sides of the container and integrated storage. + Cardio Locker: Multiple roll-up doors for air flow and off-grid cardio equipment, mitigating the need to remove equipment from the Locker. + Recovery Locker: Recovery specific external rigs, roll-up doors and a custom interior including steel benches with integrated storage and shelving for foam rollers and yoga mats. + Storage Locker: Roll-up doors and integrated storage. Whether it’s more training stations, more storage, or new modalities to enhance your human performance environment, we’ll be sure you get what you need. 4. Add a container-mounted shelter Don’t let inclement weather determine whether or not you get outside for a workout. The BeaverFit SunPro is an open-ended structure offering protection from the elements, allowing for more training days and longevity of equipment. It creates a training environment up to 15° F cooler than in direct sunlight, and can be fully engineered to meet local wind, snow and seismic loads. The SunPro can be added to new or existing Lockers, or be mounted to the ground – we’ll help you find the best solution to go along with what you already have. Get in touch At BeaverFit, it’s our mission to empower you to perform any task — from simple, to essential, to extraordinary. Let’s build on what you have to create the space you need. Email Us Erinn BurgessShare this… FacebookFacebook Save Twitter