Solving a need for space, CIMT invests in BeaverFit solutions for Army units

BeaverFit SunPro with Performance Locker and Cardio Locker

As the Holistic Health and Fitness initiative, or H2F, rolls out across the Army, units must overcome the hurdle of finding dedicated space to carry out their programs.  BeaverFit and the U.S. Army’s Center for Initial Military Training have begun to solve that challenge together with a solution delivered to more than a dozen units this year. Nicknamed the CIMT SunPro, the solution consists of three components: BeaverFit Performance Locker A shipping container with anchored training rigs and secure storage BeaverFit Cardio Locker A container including off-grid cardio equipment and roll-up doors BeaverFit SunPro A tension fabric structure that creates a training space protected from the elements, with the option to add rubberized flooring and lifting platforms While the Army plans to resource more than 100 brigades with Soldier Performance Readiness Centers by 2030, in the meantime, the readiness of Soldiers and the success of unit-level H2F programs depend on quick solutions. Select units at Forts Bliss, Huachuca, Liberty, Jackson, Johnson, Drum, Campbell and Joint Base Lewis-McChord are the first to receive the new BeaverFit SunPros designed to create space for H2F activities.  “It’s great to see that as units are being resourced for H2F, CIMT is ensuring this includes proper equipment and the space to utilize it,” said Jason Clark, training and education lead, BeaverFit. “Our goal is to develop environments alongside them in which those resources can be used effectively.”  The desired environment called for an all-weather strength and conditioning asset that could accommodate personnel up to the company level. Most of the resourced units had used standalone BeaverFit Lockers to train, which offer suitable platoon-level strength training capabilities but lack weather protection and integrated conditioning assets. The specific SunPro and Locker configuration designed for CIMT provides all-weather coverage, strength and conditioning components, and – the biggest win, according to Clark – can be placed anywhere because it’s not Real Property. Instead of Soldiers needing to trek across the installation to a separate facility for a training session, the SunPro can be placed at the unit level, removing logistical barriers to training. “The SunPro creates an environment in the outdoor space that limits as many factors that could negatively influence a training session as possible,” he stated. And as the SunPros are delivered, CIMT is also funding training and education courses for select locations to empower small unit leaders to be force multipliers within the environment.  “Space does not automatically equal an environment,” Clark explained. “The environment is human driven. Training and education sets an environment of organizational success versus chaos. Kudos to CIMT for leaning forward into providing space and training resources instead of waiting for it to be figured out at the unit level, and also, good on the coaches for continuing to do the most with what they have and scaling their mindset as the program grows.”  As the Army’s mindset around physical training evolves, BeaverFit’s support evolves in step. “We don’t do this from a standpoint of ‘we know best;’ it’s a collaborative effort to receive feedback from the higher-level command, the experts on site, and the Soldiers on the ground,” Clark said.   “It’s our goal to be the Army’s trusted partner. As they continue to require new capabilities, or as they encounter new barriers, we’ll work alongside them to create solutions that enable them to win.” In addition to delivering these SunPros and the accompanying training and education courses to CIMT, BeaverFit remains in the running for the Army’s SPRC contract. Whether supplying Lockers, ACFT equipment, SunPros, SPRCs or other tactical training solutions, one thing is constant: BeaverFit continues to support and develop the Soldier Weapon System with innovative, purpose-built, requirements-based capabilities.   Get in touch. BeaverFit is a defense contractor and the largest supplier of fitness equipment to the U.S. Armed Forces. We create custom expeditionary fitness and readiness equipment for every mission essential task: from portable container gyms to special operations subterranean trainers. Explore solutions Erinn BurgessShare this… FacebookFacebook Save Twitter