Building an environment for University of Health & Performance students to Think, Train, Lead, and Feel

Think, Train, Feel, and Lead. These are the four pillars of University of Health and Performance (UHP), an immersive educational experience for U.S. military veterans designed to create leaders in the health and wellness community. Founded by U.S. Army veteran Matt Hesse, UHP’s mission in part is to “provide hands-on education by training students in an environment that simulates working as a health and wellness coach. Our four-dimensional education produces the skills needed for our graduates to confidently start, or enhance, their careers as coaches”. To bring that vision to life, BeaverFit worked with University of Health and Performance and their charitable partner to construct a 15,000+ sqft BeaverDome facility on the UHP campus located on 500 acres of land in Northwest Arkansas. The process which took only four months from ground prep to the opening ceremony, included the fully enclosed structure, utilities such as electricity, plumbing, and HVAC systems, and outfitting the facility with turf, flooring, custom BeaverFit racks, Grey Man Gear accessories, and equipment from leading cardiovascular and strength training equipment partners, to create a world class training and education environment for UHP participants. “The solution the BeaverFit team brought forward for us was critical to our success,” said Hesse, speaking about the BeaverDome facility. “It allowed us in a very short period of time to put a facility on the ground, fill it with amazing equipment, and programmed for our specific purpose….it was a total solution, it happened really fast, and it helped us execute our mission really quickly.” Key stats on the BeaverDome facility at the University of Health & Performance campus: + 4-month process from ground prep to grand opening + 15,480-square-foot facility + 11,160 square feet of performance space + Dedicated office, classroom and storage space + HVAC, electricity, and plumbing utilities + Facility features 28 custom BeaverFit half racks, dedicated cardio space, and 40-yards of turf “As a veteran owned and operated company, it’s important for us to not only support our U.S. military members when they’re on active duty with the solutions to keep them strong and healthy, but also when they’re transitioning and looking for what’s next on their health and wellness journey, either as a new trainer or just for themselves individually,” said Mike Taylor/Alex Roodhouse, co-founder of BeaverFit USA and U.S. Navy veteran. “Working with UHP and FitOps to build a facility that could help hundreds and thousands of transitioning service members is something that was very meaningful to our team, and we’re excited for the impact it will have for so many veterans.” The BeaverDome serves as the centerpiece of the UHP campus, along with dorms and a dining area, creating a fully immersive environment for participants to have everything they need to fully dive in to the intensive 21-day program. “One of the things that makes the BeaverDome special, is the efficiency of the space,” said Ben Freakley, VP of performance and well being at UHP. “To have two classrooms that are part of the BeaverDome allows us to go from theory in the classroom to hands on work on the training floor within seconds. It really would be more complex if it was all spread out, but having it all in one place allows us to deliver our program more efficiently.” To learn more about University of Health & Performance and to apply for a future course seat, visit Dan CowanShare this… FacebookFacebook Save Twitter