Oklahoma First Responder Wellness Division fosters holistic health through group exercise

First responders workout with the Oklahoma First Responder Wellness Division on a BeaverFit Beyond Trailer.

The Oklahoma First Responder Wellness Division, or OKFRWD, is pioneering the way for first responders’ holistic well-being, using group fitness as a catalyst for deeper transformation – and BeaverFit equipment to conduct it.  At the core of their mission lies one word: resiliency. Encompassing body, mind and spirit, the Division uses structured workouts and communal […]

4 ways to upgrade your BeaverFit container gym

Text reads "Level up your Locker" over a background of a BeaverFit Performance Locker.

You’ve got a BeaverFit Performance Locker; now you want to know how you can upgrade this container gym to its fullest potential.  Consider what would enhance the user experience for yourself and others who use the Locker. Would more equipment allow more people to train at once? Are you in an environment where you miss […]

UCSD, Clemson expand campus rec offerings with BeaverFit

The University of California San Diego is the latest college campus to get Dam Strong with the addition of a BeaverFit Performance Locker to their outdoor fitness space. Just several months prior, Clemson University expanded their own campus recreation offerings with the purchase of a Beyond Trailer.  These two schools join dozens more who have […]