BeaverFit offers a series of high-quality performance training accessories (formerly known as Grey Man Gear) that are proudly made in the USA and designed for both indoor and outdoor environments.

D-Ball Medicine Balls

Designed for traditional medicine ball use as well as slamming and throwing. Made with solid PVC HD matte shell, this durable design withstands a variety of outdoor elements better than traditional leather or Kevlar medicine balls.

Crumb Rubber Bumper Plates

Made from durable, recycled, vulcanized crumb rubber with a solid stainless steel insert. Designed to evenly distribute the force of the load when dropped, which reduces noise and extends the life of bumper plates, bars and flooring.

Urethane Plates

Consistent with IWF standards and made from durable, high durometer urethane, which provides a consistent dead bounce when dropped and ensures long-term lifespan of the plate. Custom colors and logos available.

Olympic Barbells

Made from high-quality American steel with a durable Cerakote finish on the bar and sleeves, protecting from corrosion, abrasion and rust. Guaranteed for life against bending and breaking. Available in 15 kg and 20 kg.

Hex Bars

Made from industrial-grade steel and powder coated to seal the bar and prevent corrosion. Ideal for a safe and effective deadlift, featuring a 17” extended sleeve which allows for additional weight to be loaded.


Made from a solid mold of cast iron and powder coated, creating a seamless finish with a slip-free weatherproof texture. The base is slightly wider than a standard kettlebell to provide increased stability when used for ground-based mobility training.


The ultimate all-in-one training package. Made from high-quality American steel with a powder coat finish, this sled includes push/pull engineering on both sides, multi-surface functionality with protective UHMW on the pads, and integrated bar storage.


Made in partnership with Brute Force. Provide unstable load training and come in two sizes: small, with two loadable 20 lb bags; or large, with two 40 lb bags. Two sets of flexible soft-grip handles allow for neutral, suitcase or end-of-cap grips.

Simmons Swiss Bars

Developed in partnership with college strength coach Jordon Simmons to create the next generation of the standard Swiss bar. This patent-pending bar is the most versatile bar on the market, providing adjustable handles, five grip positions and more than eight grip widths.

Plyo Boxes

Made in partnership with the patented AbMat design. The hybrid plyometric box combines the best qualities of both wooden and foam plyo boxes: eight panels made entirely of wood for rigidity and stability, and corners made entirely of heavy duty foam for protection.