UCSD, Clemson expand campus rec offerings with BeaverFit

The University of California San Diego is the latest college campus to get Dam Strong with the addition of a BeaverFit Performance Locker to their outdoor fitness space.

Just several months prior, Clemson University expanded their own campus recreation offerings with the purchase of a Beyond Trailer. 

These two schools join dozens more who have upgraded their programming with innovative outdoor and mobile solutions by BeaverFit.

“We continue to see colleges, universities and even high schools lead the way with outdoor fitness, as they seem to really grasp the value it provides to their students, faculty and community,” said Nick Vay, VP of commercial sales at BeaverFit. 

“Not only does it solve a common problem – growing student populations but limited and often aging recreation space – but it brings students together and forms connections, having an impact on their health and wellbeing.”

Students at Clemson University pose with their new BeaverFit Beyond Trailer, which allows them to train outdoors in new areas around campus.
Clemson University Beyond Trailer

Benefits of campus recreation

According to a report compiled by NIRSA: Leaders in Collegiate Recreation, student participation in campus recreation activities is linked to:
    • + Higher grade point averages than nonparticipants
    • + Favoring a healthy lifestyle after college 
    • + Greater benefits to overall wellness including physical/psychosocial health and learning outcomes
  • Additionally, campus recreation programming has a positive impact on student retention.

    University of San Diego: Performance Locker

    UCSD found BeaverFit through Advanced Exercise, commercial fitness facility provider and trusted distributor for BeaverFit, while searching for a weatherproof integrated storage solution and rustproof squat racks able to withstand the outdoor elements, especially for a campus that is just miles from the ocean. 

    “What we found in the Performance Locker checked all the boxes,” said Alexia Cervantes, associate director of recreation, fitness and wellness at UCSD. “The ability to customize the color and add our logo was another big factor in choosing BeaverFit.”

    A student at UCSD performs a barbell exercise using the new BeaverFit Performance Locker on campus.
    UCSD Performance Locker

    The solution for UCSD includes a 20’ Performance Locker with custom rigging on three sides providing the ability for both standard strength training and functional training. The Locker features a roll-up door for easy and secure access to equipment stored inside. The custom rigging creates dedicated spaces for squats, bench press, pull-ups, dips and more. 

    “The Performance Locker meets our storage and training needs and looks amazing. People are drawn to it. Our usage at the Triton Fit Park has increased since installing it,” Cervantes said. 

    “If you are considering developing or refurbishing an outdoor fitness space, I recommend you consider BeaverFit. They have many customizable solutions and a great team of dedicated professionals."
    Alexia Cervantes
    Associate Director, Recreation, Fitness and Wellness, UCSD

    Clemson University: Beyond Trailer

    Clemson University opted for a mobile solution, the Beyond Trailer, to meet students wherever they are on campus. 

    The Beyond Trailer “gave us an outlet to provide fun fitness programming across our community, complementing our efforts to engage students in diverse ways,” said Kelly Bardusk, director of external relations for Clemson University Campus Recreation

    “We can go to them and provide them an opportunity to learn and connect,” added Tabitha Cooper, wellbeing coordinator. “Our focus is to increase and improve the wellbeing on our campus. Here, we pair the outdoors with physical activity.” 

    The Beyond Trailer 12’ trains 30+ individuals at once with fold-out strength racks, adjustable pull-up bars and roll-up doors for easy equipment access. Superior weatherproofing including hot-dip galvanized racks and powder coating means the Beyond Trailer may be used outdoors in any element. 

    “The quality of the product, the support and resources that are included with the purchase, and the overall excitement around being active and outdoors is amazing."
    Tabitha Cooper
    Wellbeing Coordinator, Clemson University Campus Recreation

    “Whether it’s one of our Performance Lockers, Shred Sheds or Beyond Trailers, we really value and love the work we get to do with campus rec programs,” Vay said. “It’s ultimately about getting more people healthy, moving and outdoors, and by working with schools to expand and bring their fitness offerings outside, or on the road, we can help them bring these visions to life.”

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