Dam Strong Guarantee

BeaverFit USA offers a limited lifetime warranty on all structural steel material, workmanship (structural welds) and that all products are free from manufacturing defects when the product is used as intended. “Lifetime” warranty coverage ends when the product becomes unusable for reasons other than defects in materials or workmanship. The Warranty may be voided for any product which has been damaged due to any alteration to the product, or due to negligent or faulty use, maintenance, storage or handling by the user. 

What is Not Covered for any product or product component: 

This warranty expressly excludes the following: 

  • Cosmetic issues or wear and tear from normal use. Cosmetic issues include: scratches, dents, marring, fading, discoloring, weathering, or normal levels of surface corrosion/rust. The possibility of cosmetic rust is a normal occurrence in steel especially in coastal areas. If rust occurs, see the maintenance section for care. BeaverFit does not warranty against normal levels of surface rust. 

  • Damage caused by vandalism, negligence, natural disasters, improper installation or improper use.

  • Damage due to negligent or faulty use or alteration or modification

  • Damage due to improper installation or required maintenance not being followed

  • Damage due to installation in a basin or low-lying area that results in equipment being submerged

  • Fire, explosion, flood, lightening, water exposure, corrosion, adverse environmental conditions or any other Acts of God 

Additional Warranty Items 

BeaverFit USA utilizes storage boxes, shipping containers and trailers on a number of solutions to anchor the product and provide integrated storage. 

Warranty for Steel Storage Boxes utilized for Shred Shed and Gym Box: 

BeaverFit USA offers a 5 year limited warranty on the steel box utilized for the following products: Tactical Gym Box/Gym Box, Dual Tactical Gym Box/Dual Gym Box and Shred Shed

The limited warranty covers the structural steel material, workmanship and that all products are free from manufacturing defects when the product is used as intended. Warranty exclusions listed above also apply to these products. 

Warranty for Trailer and Roll Up Doors utilized on Beyond Trailers 

Trailer Frame: Limited warranty, for a period of five (5) years from the date of purchase, against defects in material and workmanship of the trailer’s structural frame,cross- members, and tongue, including weld quality. The warranty shall NOT extend to any unauthorized modifications made to the manufacturer’s original structural frame, cross-members, tongue or chassis.

Trailer Body: Limited warranty, for a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase, against defects in material and workmanship of the trailer’s body, including the exterior aluminum skin and attachment materials. The warranty shall NOT extend to any unauthorized modifications made to the manufacturer’s original trailer body or its component parts.

Attached Hardware: Limited warranty, for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase, against defects in material and workmanship only as to the following items: Doors, ramps, couplers, jacks, lights, electrical wiring, hinges and related hardware. Most Items listed can be shipped, at no cost, directly to the original owner for self-installment when the warranty claim is approved. 

Warranty Exclusions specific to Beyond Trailers: BeaverFit shall not be liable for and no warranty of any kind or sort shall extend to the following items: Paint including fading or chipping due to exposure, misuse, abuse or neglect; Caulking; Scratches, dents, tears or defacing of any surface not caused by BeaverFit; Corrosion to frame, skin, electrical wiring or other construction materials as a result of the presence of any product causing a chemical reaction to the materials used to construct the trailer (caustic chemicals, fertilizers, cement, etc); Tow vehicle wiring; Tow vehicle damage, wear or tear; Damage as a result of any unauthorized modifications or alterations to the original manufactured condition; Damage as a result of altered, incorrect or improper hitches or hitching; Damage caused by loose lug nut or bolts; Damage due to neglect, abuse, misuse or lack of improper maintenance; Damages as a result of accident, abuse, misuse or neglect; and Damage as a result of improper use, improper loading, overloading or incorrect or unbalanced weight distribution in trailer. BeaverFit shall NOT be liable for any cost of towing or hauling of a damaged trailer, rental fees, loss of business earnings, loss of time, travel expenses or any other miscellaneous expense associated with the warranty claim.

Roll Up Doors: BeaverFit warrants that the doors and parts will be free from manufacturing defects for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase provided that the product is used under conditions of normal use, that regular maintenance and service is performed. 

Refer to the Beyond Trailer User Guide and Assembly Instructions for more detail on the care and maintenance of the trailer and associated components. 

Warranty for Shipping Containers Utilized for Performance Lockers:

Paint Guarantee: The application of paint will be guaranteed against corrosion and paint failure for a period of five years (5). The guarantee is for all faults affecting more than 10% of the painted surfaces and will assure partial or total re-painting of the containers. Normal wear/tear, or corrosion caused by acid, alkali or results of damages by abrasion, impact or accident are excluded.

Note: Corrosion is defined as rusting which exceeds RE3 (European scale of degree of rusting) on at least ten (10) percent of the total container surface coated with the concerned coating system. All containers will be guaranteed by the manufacturer against any defects and/or omission in construction, poor workmanship and defective materials for a period of one (1) year.

The defects set forth herein will be duly rectified in reasonable manners such as replacement, correction, installation or reinforcement to make the container satisfactory to the specification and suitable for its intended service at manufacturers expense. 

Any damages caused by mis-handling, mis-securing, mis-loading, impact and other natures of accident are excluded.

Accessories (not covered by BeaverFit USA warranties)

Grey Man Gear Accessory Warranties are specific per product and can be found on the Grey Man Gear website

Other accessories are warrantied in accordance with specific manufacturer warranties.

BeaverFit General Maintenance Guide

In order to maintain the functionality and durability of the product(s) and assure warranty coverage, it is important to follow the outlined maintenance guideline. There are multiple components of maintenance for BeaverFit products including but not limited to: anchoring, hardware and finishing. In addition to the general maintenance guide below, please refer to your product’s user guide/assembly instructions for more specific information about your product’s required maintenance. 

Recommended Product Inspection Schedule

Upon Installation: Product should be inspected immediately following the completion of the product install for anchoring and hardware. 

Week 1: One week after installation, the product should be inspected again for anchoring and hardware. 

Ongoing: After the first week of installation the product should be inspected on a regular basis either weekly (100+users), bi-weekly (25-100 users) or monthly (less than 25 users) depending on the amount of users per day. The ongoing inspections should include anchoring, hardware and finishing. 

Inspection Components 

Anchoring Assessment

BeaverFit products are either freestanding (not bolted down) or anchored using at minimum a 1/2” TITEN HD, embedded 3.25” into a 5” thick concrete slab. For freestanding units, customers should regularly inspect the adjustable footpads and adjust accordingly if the product has settled and it becomes unlevel. For products using anchors, customers should follow the above product inspection schedule and conduct the following activities: 

  • Ensuring ground anchors are secure

  • Tightening bolts as required

  • Contacting BeaverFit to replace any anchors that are missing 

Hardware Assessment 

BeaverFit products use a variety of hardware to assemble the upright components. Customers should follow the above recommended product inspection schedule and conduct the following activities: 

Inspecting all bolts

  • Tightening bolts as required

  • Contacting BeaverFit to replace any bolts that are missing 

Finishing Assessment 

BeaverFit utilizes a multi-step weatherproofing process to ensure the longevity of our outdoor products. Weatherproofing is defined as a coating of material that protects major structural components from failure due to oxidation. Hot Dip Galvanizing, E-Coating or Zinc Coating are applied to the raw steel to prevent interior corrosion (BeaverFit utilizes different coating techniques depending on the product. Please refer to your specific product spec sheet and user guide to determine which coating is utilized on your product). The final layer applied is a powder coat finish. Powder coat is applied to every steel BeaverFit product with the exception of shipping containers and stainless steel products. 

The powder coated finish provides a robust protective barrier to prevent premature corrosion of ferrous metal surfaces when exposed to sweat, chemical cleaning and disinfecting liquids, and the harmful effects of the outdoor weather environment. However, the organic finishing of metal products (powder coating) that are exposed to the weathering conditions such as sun, rain, wind, pollution, freezing cold, salt water and a host of other conditions will degrade over time.  The elements of nature combined with other contributing factors such as stray electrical current, dissimilar metals, and physical contact with abrasive materials may cause wear, damage, or erosion and corrosion of the coating and underlying metal substrate and will therefore shorten the decorative and protective value of the finish. Customer care and maintenance are necessary to preserve the decorative and protective value of the finish over time. Like any paint, powder coat will fade over time in direct sunlight. Care and maintenance include periodic cleaning and inspection of the finish for damage, wear and signs of corrosion. Occasional touch up of worn surfaces and breaches in the coating exposing raw metal may be necessary to preserve the protective and decorative value of the finish.

In order to maintain the cosmetic integrity of the product it is important to clean and touch up the powder coat finish when necessary. 

  • Inspect the finish for surface rust, scratches or build up such as bird droppings or salt build up 

  • If there is a build up of materials see cleaning instructions below 

  • If the powder coat finish has been scratched or scuffed see cleaning and touch up instructions 

  • If powder coat finish is exhibiting surface rust see cleaning and touch up instructions 

Powder Coat Finish Care and Maintenance


The frequency and type of cleaning maintenance will vary with the amount of soil, contamination and salt spray accumulated on the surfaces and the end users desire regarding the appearance of the finish. When it is necessary to clean, use a soft brush or cloth, using mild soap and very warm water. Soaps that have emulsifiers that break down common stains and are scum free are the best to use. Build up of substances with a high pH level (like bird droppings) will damage the powder coat finish if not cleaned off in a timely manner. Any product installed or utilized on an ocean front or in an area within sight of the ocean will be exposed to salt spray/mist and will require additional maintenance not required in non-coastal areas. Such installations will require a weekly fresh-water rinse to remove salt build up from the unit. Failure to perform this maintenance could reduce or even void warranty coverage.  Regardless, all conditions of use will be taken into consideration by BeaverFit USA when assessing the extent of the warranty coverage to be provided. 

Do not use petroleum based, aggressive alkaline or acid-based chemicals or abrasive materials. Ensure all surfaces are wiped dry with a clean cloth. If cleaning attachments for storage in a Shred Shed, Performance locker or Gym Box, allow everything to adequately dry before placing them back in storage. Failure to do so could result in trapped moisture causing deterioration of the interior components and accessories.  

Touch Up

Areas of the powder finish where the coating has been scratched or scuffed but is still properly adherent to the surface, and not exhibiting signs of corrosion or adhesion loss may be prepared by light sanding with 400 grit abrasive paper, and finished over with a single liquid coat application with a suitable ultra violet resistant liquid coating material. 

Areas that are already exhibiting signs of corrosion and corrosion undercutting (surface rust or rust forming on a scratch or scuff) must be prepared by mechanically or chemically removing all corrosion and then applying touch up paint promptly. This may include the use of an additional corrosion resistant epoxy primer layer. For optimal results, maintain the paint surface much like an automobile, vehicle or boat paint surface. Paint touch up kits are available if needed. 

Warranty Claim Process 

Where an original manufacturer’s warranty provides warranty coverage, BeaverFit USA will establish and maintain contact with such original manufacturer for the purpose of obtaining warranty benefits on your behalf. In all cases, customers must notify BeaverFit USA in writing (email or mail) of defects or failures involving BeaverFit USA’s products.  Within 90 calendar days of BeaverFit USA’s receipt of written notification from a customer (email or mail) of a product’s failure (including failure of other manufacturer’s product components) to conform in an applicable way to any of the aforementioned warranties during the applicable warranty period, BeaverFit shall correct or cause to be corrected warrantied failures/nonconformities by repairing the defective part(s) or providing replacement part(s). BeaverFit will ship warrantied replacement part(s) to the original installation site free of charge. BeaverFit will warranty the replacement part(s) for the remainder of the original warranty period. In certain cases as facts warrant, BeaverFit will cover the cost of labor for installing the replacement part(s). To make a claim under this warranty, please submit an email to support@beaverfitusa.com and provide the videos and/or photos necessary to support the claim.

NOTE: Where BeaverFit USA and a customer have specifically agreed in writing to warranty coverage, to the extent such warranty coverage differs from the above, the written agreement with such customer will supersede any coverages listed herein.